Education and Workforce Consultants, LLC
Youth in New Mexico, 2005

Youth in New Mexico, 2005

Education and Workforce Consultants assists international, national and community clients in the areas workforce, youth and organizational development. We also help agencies and organizations in the areas of staff training, evaluation, sustainability and resource development. 

EWC develops national strategies to serve in-school and out-of-school youth in Honduras, Brazil and Indonesia. Most recently, work includes assistance to US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Guyana, Indonesia and the Philippines in the areas of youth employment. 

Adrienne R. Smith, President of Education and Workforce Consultants, was founding director of a national academy for staff of youth-serving organizations, preparing them for future roles as executive directors. She served the National Youth Employment Coalition (NYEC) for several years before starting her own practice, developing and implementing staff leadership training programs, including preparation and training of U.S. Department of Laborís Youth Opportunity (YO!) program, grantees of $4-$12 million community-wide programs for youth. 

Ms. Smithís prior experience includes service to Governor Ray Mabus of Mississippi from 1989-91 as advisor on literacy, education and the stateís first Commission on Workforce Excellence. She was responsible for the first statewide inventory of programs for adult learners and literacy. She also served as Vice President of Jobs for Americaís Graduates, a national organization of statewide youth-serving organizations. During that time she was responsible for building new--and strengthening existing--statewide programs. 

EWC is proud of its clients and the work we do for them. We seek to contribute more than expected, and to deliver results on time and at budget. 

Children and Youth from Bernalillo, New Mexico

Children and Youth
Bernalillo, New Mexico, 2007

Students of a Vocational School, Borobudur, Indonesia

Students of a Vocational School
Borobudur, Indonesia