Education and Workforce Consultants, LLC

Capabilities and Expertise

EWC, incorporated in 2003, is a 100% woman-owned business begun in Washington, D.C. with an office in New Mexico. EWC has regional, national and international experience in education, youth employment and workforce development and strong, established partnerships and agency relationships in New Mexico in these fields. 

We prepare and train staff of youth-serving organizations around the country. The firm’s principal was responsible for designing and implementing one of the nation’s first youth worker training programs designed to prepare mid-level staff for future roles as executive directors and agency leaders.

Arab Youth Leaders, International Service Learning Symposium, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Arab Youth Leaders
International Service Learning Symposium
Albuquerque, New Mexico

As a result of the program’s success, the U.S. Department of Labor funded the organization to deliver similar training for two populations: 1) Youth Opportunity Directors Academy for grantees of the large Youth Opportunity communities and 2) Workforce Investment Act Leaders Academy targeting Workforce Investment Act agency directors in communities throughout the country.

We also conduct projects for clients requiring event planning, marketing, promoting, and logistical support to assist in implementation of project.  Our firm contracts with local organizations, and state and Federal government to provide planning, facilities, equipment and materials for listening sessions, town hall meetings and forums for stakeholders of numerous projects.

EWC’s expertise includes curriculum design, development, implementation and resource-mapping.  EWC developed a menu of national training opportunities for staff of youth-serving organizations 1999, 2000 and 2001. These resource-mapping efforts resulted in community-wide inventories of resources available to youth workers. The resulting publications were practitioner-focused and built using information gained from national and regional youth-serving organizations.

EWC designed, organized and implemented New Mexico’s first Youth Practitioner Summit in 2003, a statewide training event that drew practitioners from New Mexico’s youth-serving organizations and provided training and information on skills needed to better serve youth. The Summit is now a successful annual event of the New Mexico Forum for Youth in Community drawing approximately 600 staff per year and is one of the organization’s revenue generators. 

The firm assists nonprofit organizations and state and local governments in all aspects of workforce development policy-setting and programming. We do this by helping workforce Board and Youth Council members set strategic and policy direction for adult and youth programs. Our firm’s staff also assist with implementation of those policies, and preparation of operational and policy manuals. We also assist organizations and units of government in becoming Employment Networks recognized by the Social Security Administration.

Other capabilities include staff training on conducting community-wide assessments of youth resources available within communities; development and implementation of statewide conferences between workforce development staff and those serving people with disabilities; economic development planning and programming for local nonprofit organizations.    

Youth at a construction trades vocational school, Mindanao, Philippines, 2005

Youth at a construction trades vocational school, Mindanao, Philippines, 2005